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Our Poutine

Making poutine is an Art. And we know our Craft.
Did you know: Poutine is a Québécois dish made of fresh-cut french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy and over time many variation where tailor by the chef who invented them. It first appeared in 1950s rural Quebec snack bars. It was widely popularized across Canada and beyond in the 1990s. Poutine may be found everywhere from fine dining menus at top restaurants to fast-food chains. It has become an iconic symbol of Québécois cuisine and culture.

Side Dish

We may be specialized in making Poutine but the rest of our menu is just as much satisfying. Try Our Onion Crown or Smoked Meat Sandwitch and get a taste of Authentic Quebec Cusine.

Drinks and Beverages

Why not try one of our Freshly Press Juice, with 2 KG of Fresh Fuits and Vegetables

Sasquatch Foot

Try our home made Sasquatch Foot. A pastie loaded with all the good stuff. Cinnamon Sugar, Nutela, whipe cream, Bananas and so much more

Smoked Meat Sandwitch


Authentic Montreal Style Smoked Meat on Rye. With Giant Pickles.

Michigan Dog


100% beef Sausage on a bun, with Italian Meat Sauce and green onions.

Chicken Burger


Crispy seasoned Chicken Breast, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo

Chicken wings


6 , 12 or 24 chicken wings served with sweet cherry sauce, ranch or chipotle!

Blooming Onion Lotus


Who can resist a deep-fried onion, especially when it's shaped like a flower?


About Maison D'La Poutine House

We are a family and Friends operated Poutine house dedicated in making your poutine delecatesen the best experience you ever had

How did we Become this Succesful

This is a funny story. When I first arrived in British Columbia I went into a small diner and ordered a poutine and needledd to say How dissatisfied I was with the experience so I went to see the chef and explain how I was from Quebec and I could teach them how to make a proper poutine. I was laught out of the restaurant. The following week I went to another restaurant a bit more fancy this time and ordered the same and yet again I was disapointed. So I extended my offer to them to teadch them the art of making a poutine and again was laught out.

Not long after that a snack bar in town was up for rent, No need to say what happen next right? I open a small snack bar and offered a variety of meal and Poutine. our first years was good but on the following season I had my son and his friend in town and they wanted to try the poutine so I fired up the fryer and grill open the door and in less the 20 min their was a 100 feet long line of people asking for the poutine and told me they been waiting all winter for my Poutine. So now all we concentrate on is making the best poutine in ALL CANADA. See you soon!

What are some of the key point to make a great poutine?
  • Authentic Curd Cheese
  • A real Poutine Sauce
  • Perfectly Fried and season fries

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